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Moony Japanese Air Fit Diaper TAPE
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Product SKU 4903111210596/756/1050/1302
Brand Mamypoko
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 18 cm x 25 cm
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  • - Elastic legs fit
  •  - When boys exercise a lot, the distance between the diaper pad and the thighs and the baby's hips is the main cause of diaper overflow. But if the diaper is too tight, the baby's delicate skin will be damaged. With elastic legs fit, embracing the baby's body, limiting the distance between the diaper and the legs. Thanks to that, Moony man pants diapers help maximize spill resistance, dry all day without leaving marks on baby's skin.
  •  - Elastic hip elastic round
  •  - Flexible hip elastic stretches according to each baby's movements to help the baby always feel comfortable and comfortable.
  •  Multi-groove absorbent surface
  •  - The surface with countless absorbent grooves helps the liquid penetrate quickly and creates a gap for the air to pass through, allowing the baby's skin to breathe naturally, limiting diaper rash and skin diseases in children.
  •  - Nano fiber is super small and smooth
  •  - Moony's entire surface is made up of microfiber and smooth nanofiber material, making diapers not only extremely gentle and soft, but also allowing air to circulate so baby's skin can "breathe" naturally, thereby avoiding diaper rash.
  •  - Wet indicator indicates when to change diapers 
  •  - Mom can recognize the time to change diapers easily based on the wet indicator color line on the diaper pad. When the color line automatically turns from yellow to green, the mother will know it's time to change diapers.
  •  - Adhesive tape wraps the diaper pad, helping mothers to remove the diaper pad clean and easy.



Moony Natural diapers are made of 100% natural cotton, cotton is not normal cotton but organic cotton, so it is extremely soft, safe and gentle even with the most sensitive skin.

Moony Natural diaper line is a more advanced version, even softer and thinner, grasping the trend of prioritizing choosing organic products of the market, this will be the choice to bring absolute peace of mind to mothers.

Certified by a reputable agency in Japan, Moony Natural is the first diaper line on the Japanese and Vietnamese market to own organic cotton face, so it is soft and extremely safe, gentle to baby's skin. 

✅Diapers absorb very well
✅Diaper ingredients extracted from 3 vegetable oils: olive oil, Jojoba oil, rice oil to help moisturize, fight inflammation, and prevent oxidation.

Diaper form is more spacious than other brands. Diapers also print very pretty pictures, from barrel to shell, to each diaper piece. Unique diapers have 3 wet indicators: help mothers check diaper status more comprehensive and easy. OHESO umbilical canal protects the immature umbilical part of the newborn baby. Chun in the belly and thighs are very soft, never make baby's skin lines.

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