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  • Just three Scott’s DHA Gummies a day can help supplement DHA and Vitamin D for your children

  • 60S

  • Removable & Washable Cover
  • Extremely Softness
  • Silky Touch
  • Hypoallergenic

Tungbayee Set Pengurusan Uri Tembikar mengandungi:

1) Periuk tanah/Tembikar - digunakan utk mengisi uri yang telah dibasuh bersih. Dimasukkan ke dalam bekas utk mengelakkan daripada bau uri (bau darah) dapat dihidu dan dimakan oleh binatang.

2) Sarung tangan latex - dipakai ketika membersihkan darah pada uri bayi. Ia dapat mengelakkan supaya bau darah tidak melekat pada tgn.

3) Kain putih - digunakan utk mengisi uri yang telah dibasuh, sebelum diisi ke dalam periuk tanah dan membalut periuk tanah menggunakan kain putih dan getah yang disediakan.

4) Asam - ia digunakan utk menghilangkan bau hanyir darah dan memudahkan untuk membasuh uri.

5) Garam - ia digunakan utk menghilangkan bau hanyir darah dan memudahkan untuk membasuh uri.

6) Asam keping - ia digunakan utk dibungkus bersama uri.


Snow brand Neo Baby Rumusan Bayi mengandungi:

  • DHA dan ARA
  • Fosfolipid
  • Beta-karotena
  • Kolina dan Asid Sialik (SA)
  • 5 Nukleotida
  • Galakto-oligosakarida
  • Untuk umur 0-9 bulan
  • Buatan Australia 
  • FREE FROM Artifical fragrance
  • FREE FROM Petrochemicals and mineral oils
  • FREE FROM Phthalates
  • FREE FROM Sodium Lauryl sulphates and other drying agents
  • FREE FROM Parabben and Proplyene Glycol
  • FREE FROM Formaldehyde, talc and other ingredients that may be harmful to human health
  • Cap is included for safekeeping when not in use.
  • The tip of scissors is rounded to prevent accident from mishandling.
  • The blades are made of highly hardened and durable stainless steel.

Size : 6" x 16"

  • Built-in lock-off to ensure belt installation is secured!
  • 3+4 smooth and easy recline positions
  • 5 point harness system (0-18kg)
  • Auto harness adjustment using headrest
  • Built-in Buckle Hooks to keep harness open while putting baby in
  • Built-in Buckle Storage System (for 15-36kg)
  • Multi-level adjustable headrest for protection
  • Additional head and infant body support
  • Soft fabric for extra comfort
  • Removable fabric for cleaning – keep it clean!
  • Entitled for Koopers 1-to-1 Crashed Exchange Program
  • 6 years warranty on manufacturing defect
  • ABH 1-To-1 Car Seat Crashed Exchange for 6 YEAR (FOR MEMBER)
  • Easy care, washable and dryable
  • Absorb any leaking milk and prevent wet spots
  • Perfect fit for all breast sizes
  • Specially designed for your comfort in mind
  • Soft and gentle on skin
  • Absorbent and breathable cotton for good airflow