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Anmum Lacta Formulated Milk Powder 650g
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Anmum Lacta Formulated Milk Powder 650g
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Price RM35.50 RM39.90
Product SKU ANMA20650GA2
Brand Anmum
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm
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●    Anmum Lacta is the only milk powder specially formulated for breastfeeding mums. 
●    It is important to replenish nutrients lost through breastfeeding so mothers can continue to give their best to their child.
●    Did you know that breastfeeding mothers require an additional 500kcal a day to meet their extra energy requirements during lactation?
●    2 glasses of Anmum Lacta formulated milk powder provides important nutrients which help the body to release energy to support your breastfeeding journey.
●    Anmum Lacta contains No Added Sugars* and is Low in Fat.
●    Anmum Lacta formulated milk powder contains Nuelipid, DHA + Gangliosides (GA®), Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B12, Iron, Inulin and Calcium.
●    Nuelipid™ is a complex milk lipid that is rich in Gangliosides GA®, Phospholipids and Proteins. Gangliosides GA®, along with DHA, are important building blocks for the brain. 
●    Vitamins B1, B2, B3: Helps to release energy from food.
●    Iron: Iron is needed for red blood cells formation. 
●    Prebiotic (Inulin): Helps increase intestinal bifidobacteria and helps maintain a good intestinal environment for breastfeeding mums.
●    Calcium: Aids in development of strong bones and teeth. 
●    Anmum Lacta milk powder for breastfeeding mothers comes in Plain flavour, with No Added Sugars.
●    Preparation Method: Mix 3 scoops of Anmum Lacta formulated milk powder in 200ml warm water and consume twice a day to get the required nutrition.
●    Disclaimer: Breast milk is the best nutrition you can give to an infant for their optimal growth and development because it contains just the right amount of all nutrients needed to fulfill the infant's total nutritional requirements during the first 6 months of life. If you are a breastfeeding mum, it is important that you have a healthy balanced diet. A decision not to breastfeed, or to introduce partial bottle feeding, could negatively impact your supply of breast milk and be a difficult decision to reverse. Please consult your healthcare professional for support or advice.

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